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.NET Database Application Development (C#)

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If you are interested in .NET and want to jump start with Database Application Development in no time here is your chance

Lady & Gentlemen, boy & girl I present you a .NET Database Application Development (C#) fast track with the following content:

  1. C# Programming Introduction
  2. Introduction to NHibernate .NET Object Relational Mapping (ORM)
  3. Advance Data Processing with NHibernate Criteria API
  4. Hand-on practice

At the end of the course your will learn tools & technique to develop database application which could talk various Database Management System (DBMS) from Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL you name it.

Now the truth about doing this in no time :D I lie :-P I need minimum 10 hours before I can transform a newbie into a .NET Database Application Development (C#)


  • Basic Programming Concept
  • Know basic C# Programming
  • Be able to read and understand this blog post – otherwise get yourself English tutor

If you, your friend interested or your employer got budget to develop your capacity drop me a line I would love to hear about it ;)

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December 5, 2010 at 4:36 pm

What is it about WP that makes it so hacker friendly?

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@shanselman twitted an interesting message with an interesting response.

What to remember “With great power come great responsibilities”, if you want to be hot remember this defense in depth

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June 29, 2010 at 11:42 am

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Weekend => app.goLive ;)

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Early this month I got into a busy schedule in order to release my new database application. I needed to run & check a final test, wrote up manual and do some paper work to invite my colleague across the country (2 staffs from each province X 24) to attend a 3 days training workshop in total we get approximately 48 staffs which is too much for an IT training so we split it into 2 batches 12 provinces each.

In term of the actual database I allocated 2 days and for the first day of the training I leave it for general IT update lesson which include Khmer Unicode orientation half morning, and for that session alone I am very lucky to have Mr. CHEA Sok HuorCountry Project Leader from PAN and his colleague came in for help. Without them I wouldn’t know where to get such precise Khmer Unicode Orientation somewhere else, so thank you from the deepest of my heart.

Oh! Talking about helping there is another gentle who I owe him as well, that gentle is Mr. Tuy Pheap my long colleague. We share room in the last 3 years before he moved on to his current job and come back to seat behind my back :) “Again :D”.  I disturb him from time to time :D policing what my system do against his employer needs (the World Bank) not only that he also help me correct my Khmer Translation + Spelling :) and this phrase “ខ្ញុំយល់ហើយ!!!” for a button which in English say “I Understand” was his innovation :) let me tell you about this joke

In our new application if there are any problems or errors detected a list of detail explanation will show up ( jQuery modal )  what I originally did was to have user click on “Ok” button to close the message. But without anything special user might just click “Ok” and go on … that not fun. So we came up with an idea instead of naming the button “Ok” we called it “I Understand” :))

And as a side effect during the training we forget to translate a few messages so default message showed. Since the user  do not read English and he dare not click on the button to close the message :(

I am glad with the result as it turn out and thanks to all the backend libraries that I used without them I wouldn’t know how much I would need to damage my brain cells to get this job done :)

What I used?

  • NHibernate
  • Castle (MonoRail, ActiveRecord)
  • Rhino-Tool (Rhino.Security, Rhino.Common)
  • Oh ! ASP.NET for sure :) but I a brail devil don’t blame me for not using webform
  • Log4net
  • jQuery & it plug-in(s)


  • For the past 5 years most of them get use to do data entry in desktop mode (VB6)
  • Some of them using the Internet for the first time; right this is (1==1).
  • The amount of data that we collect had increase 1.5X
  • More restriction in term of data modification – they used to have full control over there data and that cause me alot of headache over the past years.

At the end of training session I got a request to setup a demo URL ( so that when participant get back to their duty province they can teach their colleague, by doing this I get a few additional feedback on how to improve the process of data entry as well as knowing how user interact with the application.

For sure: “No one is perfect” and “No software ever release bug free” as long as it could do it main job properly I would call it V1.

Now the weekend is coming I had to switch on actual URL and for that mean I had to copy a folder change connection string to get another URL up and running KOOL stuff ;)

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July 24, 2009 at 3:59 pm

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Myth of Cambodia Geography Identification Code

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How many of you are familiar with Cambodia Geography Identification code. Do you know the myth behind it code assignment? Well, it’s all started like this:

  • There are 4 levels of administration
    • Province
      • District
        • Commune
          • Village
  • Each level add up 2 digits begin with Province 2 digits
  • Identification code are stored in numberic form (Integer)

That mean valid village code length bewteen 7 and 8 for example code 24020406 would identified as:

  • Village Name = Ou Ressey Loeu (24020406)
  • In Commune  = Ou Andoung (240204)
  • In District = Sala Krau (2402)
  • In Province = Pailin (24)

Now suppose these Geography represent in 4 separate tables (SQL Server for ghost shack!) 


By knowing a village code (eg:  24020406) I want to extract province code and I want the quickest way possible any thought? Oh ! there will be a reward for best answer.

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April 28, 2009 at 5:27 pm

Game? I’m suck! Help

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Last night while I went out to TnC for a reason I saw some friends Vannak & Ratha surprisingly they was having a good time in JXII world ;)

Talking about game when I was young (g! am I old) nah that time I was probably 12-15 years old and I love playing video game. My favorite was(is) “Street Fighter” but dear I hardly play those game anymore after my 2nd big brother punished me for always leaving home for game :( kids you know. Alright so what the deal? I moved my focus from game to computer and it end up with me being a computer programmer.

Suddenly in the late 2008 a friend who is a graphic designer Sambath persuaded me to play the game (JXII) well since I got a copy of the game during BarCamppp and consider the level of stress I had during working day I decided I should try something fun and there it started. But man, I may have been “‘smarter” figure out how code work, but it seem like all the time when I try to be a gamer (computer game) I feel suck.

If you are my dear reader a JXer willing to help me becoming a better player please drop your suggestion base on the following spec:

Characters & skills Learnt

I am WuDang Sword sect, current lv 59, learn almost all available skill elements.
No school book went to HS a few times with deadly result :D even wounded.
Any tips, tricks … :) let play the game.

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March 25, 2009 at 11:21 am

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Screencast TortoiseSVN Intro

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This is my first screencast uploaded on YouTube don’t know why the video quality was reduced check this out

Anyway this is just a preview see how it works if you happen to know a better way to publish the video “to get high quality, which exclude solution to host file on my own server :)” and where still open for me to embed the file in my blog please knock me up.

Ah huh! want to try high quality video? get it here To view the downloaded version you must first download and install the Techsmith Video Codec (160 K)

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September 28, 2008 at 9:35 pm

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StackOverFlow Gentlements, & Ladies

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I hang around in recently and I wanted to wait long enough so that I can describe how the experience like G do I ever told you I hate sleeping? but it seem like Jeff Atwood also doesn’t sleep & blogging; so why don’t we just read what he got to say about his toy shall we?




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September 20, 2008 at 6:16 am

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Hug a developer

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Ayende had posted about “Hug a developer today” which show how deep pain a developer had earned over the past years.

I wished I’d be able to embed the movie inside wordpress however it doesn’t seem to work; anyway the video began with “Developers everywhere are in terrible pain” more detail go visit here.

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September 2, 2008 at 9:54 pm

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.Net C# open lecturing session calendar

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From my previous post on giving “free C# lecturing session” I have had a good time guiding friends into my own world. To make it a better hours to spend time I manage a temporary agendar in my google calendar where you can subscribe and get inform on the next session.

As I already mention the agenda is not fixed you can propose additional item as long as it fit within the scope of C# programming.

Why not x, y language and platform z? Of cause not only I want to share something that I learn but I want to iron the knowledge as well so yeah if you are inspired setup your session one I might be your first guess but I don’t want to waste time talking about something unrealistic which beyond my ability. I want participant walk out of each session learning something that they apply to their daily tasks “I expected”.

What should you bring?

  • Pen & Notebook
  • Questions – check the session agenda prepare your questions.
  • Laptop – I can’t afford to get a proper room & LCD so bear me try it on your own laptop with your own risk “kidding” but yeah we do a round table session.
  • Beers? yeah that would help clarify most cases

Let hit the jackpot.

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September 1, 2008 at 11:14 am

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podcasts that change developer’s life

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A part from rely on google search to craw for new knowledge I did enjoy listening to various developer’s podcasts. I don’t know about you but if you believe me I did learn something from each podcast show.

So my dear friends why don’t you tune in your iTune and subscribe to a few of these podcasts and check it out ;)

is there anymore? you tell me :)

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August 30, 2008 at 10:20 pm

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