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Code Reading Skills for ExtJS newbie

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@samnangchhun wrote a blog post talking about this particular subject, I just want to share my experience exploring a new tool especially the ExtJS library from

Now there is something special about which I love, they put alot of effort in documenting their library API as well as sample projects in every release.

But like any other developers out there the only page in the document that I would read slowly is getting start, once I could say hello I would try to solve my problem with this new library/framework. That the only way that keep me focus and dig deeper into the document, source code, sample project, testing unit whatever available. At the end of the day I would know that this is the right tool or not.

How do i get this quick in adapting with new environment? I walk the same path as what @samnangchhun described in his blog and I did it enough that I can quick capture the convention and pattern of the thing I want to know. So if you haven’t read enough code do it now ;)

Great weekend everyone.

Written by Chorn Sokun

May 5, 2012 at 4:23 pm


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Out of my boredom I usually tune in some random Khmer Oldies Songs just to remind myself the glorious era where sound of the music would flew into the deepest of my heart and cheer me up. What I did in the pass was collect all my favorite songs and classified it manually and sometime after clean up my station I let iTune screw up my collection a big pain in the a^^ and as my habit of trying out new os release like Ubuntu every 6 months I got to remind myself backup the music collection before I do something silly. That works out quiet well until I am get lazy and decided not to waste my time move back and force I truth the Internet to play me my favorite songs :) which mean I optimize my money Internet expend when I am not using it for some secrecy works ;)

How it works out for me? YouTube! Yeah, what can’t be find on YouTube right? Except that streaming video on my connection is damn slow and like chopping my head every time the buffer loading. So I tried something lighter pure sound and that tons of site offer free mp3 and I do enjoy using those site which some of you may already know and love. But I am just too demand I want some control over what I want to listen, I want to be able to easily share my playlist with my close friends so they can rejoice in hearing the songs. It turn out that a few site does offer these ability, why am I still not happy? Because the site need to know about me want me to become a member and I kind of like what the f???ck. It like I have to tell my radio who I am before it play me the song kind of thing.

So enough is enough, I thought to myself “look geek if it doesn’t work out, do it yourself” ah huh, that was what I use to talk with my dest friend (sad he’d gone) why don’t we do something about it, It’d be fun. Now that I am bored it justified enough that I block sometime to deliver our plan and so I start prototype the project #sidekick and show it to a few friends get their feedback some -/+ and finally I got it out of the door “JolJET Hits” or should I call it “JolJET Hits Online Music Player” still have an issue of naming it properly but here how it looks:

JolJET Player v2

JolJET Player v2

A typic music player portable as it should be since it developed using HTML 5 and Sencha ExtJS technology blah blah blah not so interesting for an engineer to talk about tools. But hey it’s not bad for the cost of home stay during Khmer New Year instead of enjoying myself sight seeing Thansur Bokor Resort and weeks after to stabilize. But as the passion fill up I glad I spend my time develop this little product so that what I can do now:

  • On first visit to the site the app will load up default playlist fill with about 250 songs enough  if you want to just hear some noise the whole day
  • If you so obsess about what you want to hear then Clear all and start adding your favorite songs from: a) Library b) Artist Collection or c) Blind search
  • when you found it select it (multiple select is supported) and click on Add to playlist to append selected song to your current playlist
  • or if you so want to hear the song immediately just double click it and you got it
  • Not just that if your like to listen to the music during your work hours (I usually did :D) close your browser as soon as your boss walk to your desk, and revisit the site after he/she gone nice trick yeah ;) who never cheat. But I had implemented is the app will remember not only your selected song but it remember your last play song and resume it for you (Thanks Sothy Chanty for  his suggestion)
  • But how about I want my friend to listen to a song. NO NOT 1 songs my collection, well we got you covered from Now Playing tab you find a menu call Sharing just select your favorite sharing technical twitter/facebook and you done

Now that more like an ado why don’t you jump to the site and experience it yourself? Here the link as always I love to hear your comments/suggestions you can do it here or post on facebook page

Hope you enjoy the sound LIKE if you LIKED for sharing is caring and have a great weekend ;)

Written by Chorn Sokun

May 5, 2012 at 12:05 am

Me & the Onion Architecture

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Jump into ASP.NET MVC 2 in Action Chapter 23 which talk about an integration of ASP.NET MVC and NHibernate the author introduce us to the Onion Architecture.

Using this architecture we simply structure our solution like:

  • Core, storing POCO & various Interfaces
  • Infrastructure, talking with underline or external system
  • IntegrationTests, generally speaking this would test Infrastructure functionality
  • UI

Let focus on the Infrastructure because it is the main actor in this architecture; the following role given to this layer

  • Mapping between Core class & Database by talking through NHibernate (I agree)
  • Responsible for injecting NHibernate session into web session with NHibernateModule: IHttpModule (I agree)
  • Contain abstract RepositoryBase<T>: IRepository<T> (I agree)
  • Contain all Interfaces  implmentation hmm ? isn’t it too much for an Infrastructure? what about
    • Core
    • Infrastructure
    • Services
    • IntegrationTests
    • UI

I will do more investigation (Pros, Cons) but love to hear your take on this, if you haven’t read the chapter yet do it now.

Written by Chorn Sokun

July 25, 2010 at 2:35 pm

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x-mas wishlist

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I plan to take leave from 25th and wonder what I should do during this time? Few things come to mind as my wife just deliver our new son we pretty sure travel is not an option.

Perhaps I should stay home; taking my elder daughter to shopping center and kids stuffs.

But then what should be change for me in 2009? this time I am going to change a bit
– Turn to .NET 3.5
– Down & Dirty with WPF, Silverlight
– More love for NHibernate

Oh I probably got a new laptop before x-mas; I might spend sometime to configure this new toy & get a clean stable Ubuntu to live on my old one.

Until Santa fly back home, Merry X-Mas & a Happy New Year to everyone.

Written by Chorn Sokun

December 22, 2008 at 10:29 am

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