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What is “Security”?

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ក្រោយពេលសំរាកពីការងារនាល្ងាចមួយខ្ញុំបានបើកមើលអាល់ប៊ុមរូបថតចាស់ៗ​​ រូបខាងក្រោមនេះធ្វើអោយខ្ញុំនឹកនូវសំដីដែល​គ្រូ Module: Network Security​​ និយាយប្រាប់នាទីចុងក្រោយថា
“Security is not a product, it is a process”
Think like a alien, defend in deep like the layer of an onion,
the chain is as strong as it weakness link.
delay attack against brute force attack.

Written by Chorn Sokun

January 19, 2007 at 1:14 pm

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