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Build mono on Ubuntu Karmic 9.10 x64

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As always I would start off with CRY ME A RIVER :L, lol I told myself that I will never ever build mono from release source or /trunk again. I am lying myself :( ok here I go again this time I load Ubuntu Karmic x64 on my Toshiba M100 ~2 years old the original purpose is to just load it with multimedia app so that my wife could enjoy watching DVD, play MP3, browse the Inernet and blah blah blah … all just for entertainment :) It turn out !

Ok, here is the main story it turn out that I caught an e-mail from mono mailing list Mono 2.6 for Ubuntu its haunting me. Why don’t I just spend sometime with that instead of wasting time playing JX2 :D yeah let try.

  1. Download Mono 2.6.1 stable source
  2. Read instruction Parallel Mono Environment; ** people keep telling me to reference this instruction although I did follow the exact step, perhaps someone better shot a webcast instead of writing unworkable instruction.

Build Source

First thing first extract the source code from .tar.bz2 since I not a command savvy *yet* I use nautilus context menu to extract the source file; when all source code extracted let get into command line:

// create mono-dev-env using script written in
> ./mono-dev-env
// your command prompt now shall look like this where ~src is the location that I stored source code
[mono] ~src @


// just in case execute
[mono] ~src @ sudo apt-get build-dep libgdiplus
// ... now you are ready to build libgdiplus-2.6
[mono] ~src @ cd libgdiplus-2.6
[mono] ~src/libgdiplus-2.6 @ ./configure --prefix=/opt/mono
[mono] ~src/libgdiplus-2.6 @ make; sudo make install


[mono] ~src @ cd mono-2.6.1
[mono] ~src/mono-2.6.1  @ ./configure --prefix=/opt/mono
[mono] ~src/mono-2.6.1  @ make; sudo make install


Here come the pain :D as gtk-sharp depend on a lot of library we need to make sure those library are installed first before compile gtk-sharp-2.12.9 as of Ubuntu Karmic I need to install the following packages:

> sudo apt-get intall libpango1.0-dev libatk1.0-dev libgtk2.0-dev
// after that I can just do
[mono] ~src/gtk-sharp-2.12.9 @ ./configure  --prefix=/opt/mono
[mono] ~src/gtk-sharp-2.12.9 @ make; sudo make install


// dependency library just in case
> sudo apt-get install libgnomecanvas2-dev libgnome2-dev
// resume build task
[mono] ~/src/gnome-sharp-2.24.1 @ ./configure --prefix=/opt/mono
[mono] ~/src/gnome-sharp-2.24.1 @ make; sudo make install


[mono] ~/src/gnome-desktop-sharp-2.24.0 @ ./configure --prefix=/opt/mono
[mono] ~/src/gnome-desktop-sharp-2.24.0 @ make; sudo make install

The rest of the library seem to go just fine, I learn that execute sudo ./configure cause me a lot of troubles thanks @alex for pointing this out.


description on what this library give coming up next …


description on what this library give coming up next …


As I reached to this point ./configure started to complain me like this > configure: error: Cannot find termcap library to solve the problem I need to install

// ref:
$ sudo apt-get install libncurses5-dev

Side Note

Petit Eric <surfzoid[at]gmail[dot]com> wrote:

For those who want 2.6.1 deb, there is OBS repository for i586, the X86_64 are available here or
in sources directory you will find  libgdiplus sources and all files need to build deb from them (.dsc, …) here you will find mono2.6 idem

Written by Chorn Sokun

January 15, 2010 at 9:30 pm

Posted in Mono 2.6, OSS, Ubuntu

8 Responses

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  1. If I couldn’t do it I’ll switch to OpenSuse for 3 weeks; how does that sound :)

    Chorn Sokun

    January 15, 2010 at 9:34 pm

  2. Hey, there’s some issues with you steps:

    1. “sudo make; make install” looks odd. Why not “make; sudo make install”?

    2. Double check you’ve sourced “mono-dev-env” file before ./configure-ing gtk-sharp. You should see “[mono]” before your shell prompt. Check you understand how environment variables work (and w.r.t export statement) if you didn’t use mono-dev-env.

    3. Good luck :)


    January 15, 2010 at 10:04 pm

    • Thank @Alex my typing mistakes I fixed that,
      By the way I did get [mono] ~/src/gtk-sharp-2.12.9 @ _

      Chorn Sokun

      January 15, 2010 at 10:23 pm

  3. start from gtk-sharp i got the following summary

    Configuration summary

    * Installation prefix = /opt/mono
    * C# compiler: /usr/bin/mcs

    This mean that mcs not taken from /opt/mono/bin :( should i keep on compile more library? or I need to step back and fix mcs first ?

    Chorn Sokun

    January 15, 2010 at 10:47 pm

    • Fix mcs. Try ‘which mcs’ to see if it gives you the correct one. Also try echo $PATH; echo $PKG_CONFIG_PATH to make sure everything is OK.


      January 15, 2010 at 10:55 pm

      • Test setting result as follow:

        [mono] ~/src @ which mcs
        [mono] ~/src @ echo $PATH
        [mono] ~/src @ echo $PKG_CONFIG_PATH

        Now I delete gtk-sharp-2.12.9 and extract it from tarball again then
        [mono] ~/src/gtk-sharp-2.12.9 @ sudo ./configure –prefix=/opt/mono
        [mono] ~/src/gtk-sharp-2.12.9 @ sudo PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/opt/mono/lib/pkgconfig ./configure
        …. i got the same summary as follow
        Configuration summary

        * Installation prefix = /opt/mono
        * C# compiler: /usr/bin/mcs -define:GTK_SHARP_2_6 -define:GTK_SHARP_2_8 -define:GTK_SHARP_2_10 -define:GTK_SHARP_2_12

        How can I fix C# compiler in this case? have I done anything wrong?

        Chorn Sokun

        January 15, 2010 at 11:06 pm

  4. Hm.. your PATH and PKG_CONFIG_PATH looks good.

    > sudo ./configure –prefix=/opt/mono

    You don’t need sudo here. Although it doesn’t affect PATH on my box, it might make difference for you.


    January 15, 2010 at 11:23 pm

    • Ah huh ! that really make a different now I delete the source and extract it again then
      > ./configure –prefix=/opt/mono
      and i got the expected summary
      Configuration summary

      * Installation prefix = /opt/mono
      * C# compiler: /opt/mono/bin/mcs -define:GTK_SHARP_2_6 -define:GTK_SHARP_2_8 -define:GTK_SHARP_2_10 -define:GTK_SHARP_2_12

      I am ready to roll more compilation :)

      Chorn Sokun

      January 15, 2010 at 11:37 pm

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