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It had been quiet a while since I tried to allocate some time to get in deep with Rhino-Tools and my previous attempt was not fruitful. However I had learn that most of the problem that prevent me to run the sample project with the latest build (local build) because there is a mismatch assembly used.

Minimum Assembly Reference

Minimum Assembly Reference

The typical Rhino-Tools sample applications always make reference to assembly files stored in the SharedLibs in each sample applications’ folder and after every successful build of Rhino-Tools I always want to run the sample application again to see if it break anything. What I usually do is to copy assembly file from the ..\Build\net-2.0\debug & ..\SharedLibs\Castle folder to SharedLibs located in individual sample application folder.

This step is such a pain an annoying. I want to setup a system which I could later on forget about it. So to fix the problem one and for all is to reference needed assembly from it original location ..\rhino-tools\SharedLibs\Castle and ..\rhino-tools\build\net-2.0\debug this way we do not waste disk space for storing the same assemly files and since it is a sample project it doesn’t hurt a ship by doing so.

However I still recommend to copy the needed assembly to private folder and reference from there if you are working with your real world application.

Until this solution is adopted I need to add svn ignore roles SharedLibs in each sample applications folder.

Written by Chorn Sokun

July 24, 2008 at 11:58 pm

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