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Open Source need love

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Well, as far as I hate to work on desktop application. I can’t avoid support & maintenance legacy desktop applications (VB6) used. One in a while I received a nicely call from provincial staff report bug in the system – “report x missing budget code? …”. Well fixing the bug is not a big deal as long as it can be reproduce. Once the bug is fixed I need to upload the setup.exe to our web server so everyone can access to the latest version. The problem is the size of the setup file it has to be as small as possible. To make this possible I had tried various softwares and it get down to the following tool.

The open source project :) it so sweet take as much as you want (oh! and your kin as well).

What I got from the combination?

  • Easy to use – code NSIS script within eclipse IDE rich commands
  • Small setup file
  • You decide which file to deploy which I like the most.
  • it FREE


  • These tools are not bundle
  • I had trouble write a proper script for the first time

Written by Chorn Sokun

July 27, 2007 at 10:03 am

Posted in OSS, Tools

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