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Ubuntu 7.04 Round #3

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Alright, it 4:27 PM let do some blog post. Actually this post suppose to go live since Sunday however the Internet went down so I save it for today.

What is it am going to complain about? Well on Saturday I went a litle shopping. I bought a 100 GB 2.5′ SATA disk plug it into my Toshiba M100 and get ready to take on Unbuntu Round #3.

Here what I did:

  • Replace my internal SATA HD with the new purchased one
  • Boot up my computer with Ubuntu 7.04 Alternative Disk
  • Install Ubuntu in text mode
  • Well as always when I get to 85% – ubuntu will try to connect to the Internet for update package sources.list “I guess” and because I got no internet connection I just have to wait until all the fail try completed.
  • Reboot computer

As always Ubuntu will not recognize my ATI X1400 so I just need to build the driver myself follow the instruction here.

Voilá! I got Ubuntu login screen :) I am happy now see my face there?
Alright that is enough for my personal weekend assignment. I did repeat myself twice to make sure that I can do it again.

At the end of the assignment I discovered that Ubuntu 7.04 sound problem was not yet solved by the developer. I can hear the sound if I plug the ear phone strange ?! it should be able to play sound using my laptop internal speaker right? but anyway I just have to be patient. I don’t care much about sound yet since I want to explore the environment and see how I can do programming within the OS that all for now ;)

TIP: There is a command call dpkg which used to install .deb package
>sudo dpkg -i .deb

Written by Chorn Sokun

July 24, 2007 at 4:25 pm

Posted in Installation, OSS, Ubuntu

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