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It just another day for celebration

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It’ve been quiet a while since my previous blog. I haven’t got much time to blog since. The reason is that Seila Programme/PLG is ended and most of the staff is carry on with the new program known as NCDD/PSDD believe me you don’t want to read it full word :D

So in the new home I have to design website development proposal for my organization it kind of :( when I have to deal with government high ranking staffs.

Anyway, after work time I still have to enjoy working on my private business.
Well you guess it nothing more than software development. As of right now I am waiting for WS_FTP transferring my 80% work in progress into the Internet. I know it a mess but I have no choice I got 3 days deadline to stadesign/coding the entire site.

So how I did it?
1. Fire up Adobe Photoshop & Draw a few thing up
2. Get my client feedback & finalize
3. Convert .PSD file into HTML format
4. Restructure HTML code generated by Photoshop wire up CSS :D
5. Stick it to my lovely PHP Framework
6. Plug-in additional features requested by my client
8. Loading their spreedsheet into MySQL table ;) my expertise
7. BOoM !

Can I impress my client their annual meeting + website launching is tomorrow 30-March-2007
Geez, I forgot to tell you I got some task tonight that mean I can’t sleep well until the 30th past.

Written by Chorn Sokun

March 29, 2007 at 6:12 pm